Sunday, June 24, 2012

Kelly G Rogers Frisco Attorney Arrested Again!

It's close to 5:00 pm on Friday and the police car is rolling up to the home of Kelly G Rogers and Carrie S. Rogers to arrest him! Consider it a "twin-spin" duplicate of May 4th.
As you might know, Friday is a notorious day for arrests and June 22nd was no disappointment. Cops rolled up to Kelly and Carrie Rogers Frisco home and attempted to arrest him. It was a familiar charge--Money Laundering. Case number 380-81504-2012--money laundering for $200,000 >. 

His Seventh Felony charge. Nice.   

Similar to May 4th, Rogers was not around so the warrant went unsatisfied. However, at some point on Saturday, June 23rd, the arrest was made and the warrant was met and removed from the Sheriff's website.

My Gosh, it's like an early Christmas gift for those who invested with Kelly G Rogers Frisco. Some lost tons of money, went bankrupt, lost good quality marriages and had their lives turned irreversibly upside down by their mere association with this couple.

But today we take heart because it looks like the authorities are finally catching on to what this guys been pulling since 2004 when he first invested in Travis-Correll ponzi scheme.

While the warrant had been satisfied, Rogers mysteriously did not appear as an inmate in the Collin County jail? Could it be he didn't want another mug shot in that stupid robe of his?

Instead, Rogers was arrested and processed at the Frisco Police Department--7200 Stone Brook Parkway in Frisco, Texas, right across from the High School. The Mug will follow next week since the Frisco Jail does not post instant mug shots and records online. 

Stay tuned as this case take the shape of a novel; How NOT to do business in America--brought to you by the Texas State Securities Commission. 


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