Monday, October 15, 2012

Team Dean continues to clean Kelly Rogers Clock!

Kelly G Rogers and Carrie S. Rogers continues to get their clock cleaned in civil case 366-00485-2010, Bradley Dean v. Land And Mineral Corporation. 

According to the Bankruptcy records, Kelly G Rogers listed Carrie S. Rogers as the owner of Land and Minerals Corporation and himself as the President. However, actual ownership has become unclear as Kelly G Rogers has contradicted himself in statements provided to the court.  

But on Thursday, October 11th, the Honorable Judge Ray Wheless granted Plaintiff Brad Dean's Motion to Compel Records from BOKF, N.A. d/b/a Bank of Texas (According to the Collin County Website).


Apparently, these are the financial records Kelly G Rogers has been hesitant to turn over for one reason or another. Hmmm...that sounds fishy in itself. 

So what does it mean now that he's been ordered by Judge Wheless to turn over the books? (You can read motion by clicking to the Collin County link and looking up Rogers, Kelly). 

Is the jig is now up? Maybe now Team Dean will get the truthful answers to; 

  • Who really owns Land and Minerals Corporation?
  • Where did Bradley Dean's money go? 
  • Did Rogers use Dean's funds to pay off other investors or personal bills? 
  • Would that make Land and Minerals Corporation another Ponzi Scheme similar to level par? 
  • Since Rogers has already been busted by the SEC, would this further incriminate him as a primary Ponzi facilitator?
  • Has Rogers co-mingling corporate funds?
  • Is Kelly G Rogers running a "Control Group" of corporations to avoid paying taxes? 
  • Will the Dean team succeed in pierce the corporate veil?  
  • Is Rogers paying his rent to George Shipp directly from Land and Minerals Corporation?

Anyone see other answers coming out of the Bank of Texas records?