Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Attorney Kelly Rogers of Frisco Sentenced to 20 YEARS

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Frisco attorney Kelly Gordon Rogers, convicted of first-degree felony theft for stealing $1.3 million from investors in fraudulent oil and gas schemes, was sentenced to 20 years in state prison on May 28 and ordered to pay a $10,000 fine.
The case was prosecuted in Collin County State District Court in cooperation with the Collin County District Attorney. State Securities Board Enforcement Division attorneys Dale Barron, Greta Cantwell, and Travis Iles were appointed special prosecutors. Financial Examiner Rani Sabban testified as an expert witness.
Rogers, 55, stole money from investors who purchased royalty interests in oil and gas drilling projects that, in at least two cases, turned out not to exist. The victims included an Oklahoma oil and gas investor, two partners in a separate Oklahoma investment company, a neighbor in Frisco, and a longtime acquaintance.
Rogers used a significant portion of the money from investors to pay for his personal expenses and to try to acquire interests in unrelated projects, such as a coal mine in West Virginia.
Rogers shuffled investor funds to try to keep his scam afloat. When one investor demanded a refund of the unused portion of the money he had invested, the bank account of Rogers’ company, Land and Minerals, was virtually empty. As soon as two other investors wired money to Land and Minerals, however, Rogers diverted most of their funds to meet the demands of the investor.
Rogers has faced other allegations of fraud over the past decade.
The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission in 2007 filed a civil injunction against a group of financial companies and promoters, Rogers among them, who were offering fraudulent high-yield securities offerings. Rogers consented to a final judgment and was ordered to pay disgorgement of $100,000 and a $50,000 civil penalty.
According to the State Bar of Texas, Rogers was licensed to practice law in 1986 and lists ”oil and gas” as his only area of practice.
The State Securities Board registers securities offered or sold in Texas; oversees the firms and individuals selling securities or providing investment advice; enforces the Securities Act through criminal, civil and administrative actions; and provides investor education presentations and material.

Friday, March 29, 2013

Trail Date Set for Kelly and Carrie Rogers

According to the Collin County website, a jury trial date has been set for September 16th, 2013 at 9:00 am. 

This is the case #366-00485-2010; Bradley Dean v. Land And Mineral Corporation, Carrie Rogers, Kelly G Rogers, Series C, L.P., LMC Financing, L.L.C., Kelly G Rogers, Carrie Rogers.

The Bradley Dean case is stereo-typical of a Kelly G Rogers deal. 

You initially meet and get to know Kelly Rogers from church, the local community or a friend of a friend. You think he's sharp. Impressive. One day he reaches out, contacts you with this fantastic opportunity. He's devised a scheme. He comes out and pitches it, it really sounds good...so you invest.

However, as time goes on you begin to notice that NOTHING he promised is working out. You begin to ask questions and eventually it hits you "up side the head". Is this deal is a scam? 

You scramble to get your money---only to find that it's long gone. Transfered to another person who was owed money form a different entity that had no relation what-so-ever to your deal. 

You were just the tool.  

You file a lawsuit, hire expense lawyers but eventually everyone runs out of money pursuing justice. 

In the meantime, Kelly G Rogers represents himself or Carrie S. Rogers (his wife) at no cost. He simply drags out the process until you give up or run out of money. Cunning. Calculated. 

But wait.......NOT THIS TIME! Enter Bradley Dean.

In his case against Kelly G Rogers, Bradley Dean retained James Skinner and Michael F. Pezzulli of Pezzulli Barnes, L.L.P. This "Team" has lead to the involvement of the Texas State Security Commission working in conjunction with the Collin County DA's office, resulting in SIX indictments for money laundering, theft of property and securities fraud. 

Each Felony charge carries a minimum of 5 year and maximum of 99 years. Do the math.

And so it goes.....a jury trial scheduled for September. Can't wait. Fill out your "September madness" trial brackets at your office!

Friday, November 2, 2012

Bradely Dean vs. Land and Minerals Corporation, Kelly G Rogers and Carrie S. Rogers

Comment from a reader; 

"Something extremely odd seems to be developing or has developed in the Bradley Dean Lawsuit v. Kelly Rogers and Co. How is Kelly Rogers' representing a Corporation (Land and Mineral Corporation) that is not authorized to do business in Texas?

In fact a quick check of the State Comptroller's web-site will reveal that the Charter was forfeited quite some time ago, for failure to pay franchise taxes. The only similar name to Roger' 'facade of a corporation is THE LAND AND MINERAL CORPORATION, out of Oklahoma; The entity was formed after Rogers' failed to pay the franchise tax on Land and Mineral Corporation.

How is Rogers filing pleadings on behalf of a corporation that does not exist? (obviously we know how, because he is a lying crook) It might be worth looking into by the Plaintiff's in the case, if it hasn't already been looked into.

It appears that Land and Mineral ceased doing business involuntarily in 2009, which is odd, due to the fact its Attorney of Record (the esteemed, Kelly Rogers, Esquire) was filing requests for protection order's and other motion's on behalf of a non-existent corporation. Which also explains why Land Mineral Corporation retained the blundering idiot, Kelly Rogers.

Just some things to think about today and going forward.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Team Dean continues to clean Kelly Rogers Clock!

Kelly G Rogers and Carrie S. Rogers continues to get their clock cleaned in civil case 366-00485-2010, Bradley Dean v. Land And Mineral Corporation. 

According to the Bankruptcy records, Kelly G Rogers listed Carrie S. Rogers as the owner of Land and Minerals Corporation and himself as the President. However, actual ownership has become unclear as Kelly G Rogers has contradicted himself in statements provided to the court.  

But on Thursday, October 11th, the Honorable Judge Ray Wheless granted Plaintiff Brad Dean's Motion to Compel Records from BOKF, N.A. d/b/a Bank of Texas (According to the Collin County Website).


Apparently, these are the financial records Kelly G Rogers has been hesitant to turn over for one reason or another. Hmmm...that sounds fishy in itself. 

So what does it mean now that he's been ordered by Judge Wheless to turn over the books? (You can read motion by clicking to the Collin County link and looking up Rogers, Kelly). 

Is the jig is now up? Maybe now Team Dean will get the truthful answers to; 

  • Who really owns Land and Minerals Corporation?
  • Where did Bradley Dean's money go? 
  • Did Rogers use Dean's funds to pay off other investors or personal bills? 
  • Would that make Land and Minerals Corporation another Ponzi Scheme similar to level par? 
  • Since Rogers has already been busted by the SEC, would this further incriminate him as a primary Ponzi facilitator?
  • Has Rogers co-mingling corporate funds?
  • Is Kelly G Rogers running a "Control Group" of corporations to avoid paying taxes? 
  • Will the Dean team succeed in pierce the corporate veil?  
  • Is Rogers paying his rent to George Shipp directly from Land and Minerals Corporation?

Anyone see other answers coming out of the Bank of Texas records?

Friday, August 3, 2012

Kelly G Rogers makes Court Appearance

In the words of Bob Seger's song, Let it Rock: "In the heat of the day, down in mobile, Alabama, Workin’ on the railroad with a steel drivin’ hammer".

And the "Steel Drivin" Hammer' in Kelly G Rogers' life is the trio of Jim Skinner, Michael F. Pezzulli and Texas State Securities Commission's Dale Barron who are beginning to crash down on Rogers freedom.

Yesterday's court appearance was a good day for our "Law Dream Team" and a bad day for the criminal, Kelly G Rogers. Of coarse, all people are Innocent until proven guilty.

According to the Collin County Website, it seems that the Texas State Securities Commission has taken over the prosecution of all the actions filed by indictment. This would include all SEVEN actions starting with the 2009 indictment--3808160009, the FIVE from May 1st, 2012 and the one from June 20th, 2012.

Like SEVEN gold medals hanging around Micheal Phelps neck, this is a fine achievement for any businessman who's on the fast track to wealth creation.

Yesterday was Kelly G Rogers first appearance for many of the recent indictments and it was a really bad day for him in court.

First, his lawyer John Charles Hardin resigned. According to the Collin County Site under Kelly G Rogers, case #3808160009 (second page) on 8/2/2012 the court "Granting the motion to withdraw as the attorney of record". Smart man. 

Second, presiding District Judge of the 380th District Court R. Davis put the hammer down on Rogers who once again showed up without council in hopes of delaying the inevitable...again.

His ruling; "Reset in 30 days for counsel and if counsel not retained, then proceed with appointment of attorney or Pro-Se and set for Trial by December1, 2012. Judge R. Davis. 

As I read it, the Judge is saying that Kelly G Rogers Frisco has had ample time to hire an attorney and prepare. You show up next time with a lawyer or the court will assign a public defender and we're going to trial NO LATER THAN December 1, 2012. 

Merry Christmas everyone! Next appearance on September 7th at 9:00 am.  

Monday, July 2, 2012

Kelly G Rogers Arrested AGAIN Today!

Oh bummer-- for Kelly G Rogers of Frisco Texas as he was arrested again today. While most of us are looking forward to the Independence day holiday on Wednesday, Kelly G Rogers Frisco must be thinking about when and how this is all going to end.

Will he be looking forward to some serious time in the slammer? Time will tell. 

According to our count, this is the EIGHTH Felony-one indictments issued by the State. While the first was issued Collin County DA's office, the other SEVEN have been pouring out of the Texas State Securities Board like sweat flowing out of someone working outdoors on a hot and humid day.

The Texas State Securities Commission is a strict and harsh agency when it comes to corruption. In the case of William Seelye, who bilked $400,000 out of investors in an Oil and Gas scheme, he got the following--quoting from Texas District & County Attorneys Association site: 

"Prosecutors offered Seelye a plea bargain involving a 50-year sentence early in the case, and the offer stood until trial. Seelye did not accept this offer, and he was ultimately convicted at trial and sentenced by a jury to serve 99 years in prison". 

Kelly G Rogers Score Card  


Sunday, June 24, 2012

Kelly G Rogers Frisco Attorney Arrested Again!

It's close to 5:00 pm on Friday and the police car is rolling up to the home of Kelly G Rogers and Carrie S. Rogers to arrest him! Consider it a "twin-spin" duplicate of May 4th.
As you might know, Friday is a notorious day for arrests and June 22nd was no disappointment. Cops rolled up to Kelly and Carrie Rogers Frisco home and attempted to arrest him. It was a familiar charge--Money Laundering. Case number 380-81504-2012--money laundering for $200,000 >. 

His Seventh Felony charge. Nice.   

Similar to May 4th, Rogers was not around so the warrant went unsatisfied. However, at some point on Saturday, June 23rd, the arrest was made and the warrant was met and removed from the Sheriff's website.

My Gosh, it's like an early Christmas gift for those who invested with Kelly G Rogers Frisco. Some lost tons of money, went bankrupt, lost good quality marriages and had their lives turned irreversibly upside down by their mere association with this couple.

But today we take heart because it looks like the authorities are finally catching on to what this guys been pulling since 2004 when he first invested in Travis-Correll ponzi scheme.

While the warrant had been satisfied, Rogers mysteriously did not appear as an inmate in the Collin County jail? Could it be he didn't want another mug shot in that stupid robe of his?

Instead, Rogers was arrested and processed at the Frisco Police Department--7200 Stone Brook Parkway in Frisco, Texas, right across from the High School. The Mug will follow next week since the Frisco Jail does not post instant mug shots and records online. 

Stay tuned as this case take the shape of a novel; How NOT to do business in America--brought to you by the Texas State Securities Commission.